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Python Programming ( RDP160 )

Python is a powerful programming language for rapid application development. It features extensive standard libraries and third party modules for virtually every task. Python can integrate with COM, .NET, CORBA and Java Objects. Python can be used in all major platforms, from mainframe, Servers, PCs to mobile phones.

This course teaches essential and advanced topics for Python language; such as pattern matching, data extraction, complex data structures, object oriented features,unit testing, interfacing to SQL databases, web programming. Many examples are given in the training on using Python to extract data via pattern matching, compute reports using complex data structures, charting, using 3rd party modules such as reading and writing to spreadsheets, data mining from the web. The course is practical oriented, students are encourage to bring their actual programming projects to be the final class projects. The instructor will guide the students to achieve their project targets.

This course is suitable for Semiconductor IC Designers, Research Scientist, R&D scientists and Engineers, Network Engineers, Systems Administrators, Communications Engineers, Software Developers, Web Developers, IC Test/Product Engineers and Financial Technical analysts.

15 May 2017  to  19 May 2017
05 Jun 2017  to  09 Jun 2017
17 Jul 2017  to  21 Jul 2017
31 Jul 2017  to  04 Aug 2017
11 Sep 2017  to  15 Sep 2017
09 Oct 2017  to  13 Oct 2017
06 Nov 2017  to  10 Nov 2017
11 Dec 2017  to  15 Dec 2017

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Note:Training fees is PIC claimable, where the company get 60% cash rebate and/or 400% tax deductions, and dollar to dollar bonus (IRAS terms and conditions apply)

Testimonials from students

Mr. Soong is very experienced and patient in his teaching, it was a great learning experience. (Oct 2016)
Analyst from SingHealth

Trainer illustrated concepts with very good examples and even demonstrated the differences in Python and C implentation, therefore very easy to follow and understand. Highly recommened for anyone that needs a foundation in Python Programming.
Officer from MINDEF

Very informative and tailor made to meet my needs in work. Very experienced and professional trainer.
Officer from MINDEF

All the knowledge obtained will definitely benefit me in my work.
Officer from MINDEF

Training very interactive, very effective in explaining concepts, ideas, etc.
Officer from MINDEF

Very useful course that was tailored to our individual degree of familarity with programming. The hands on was very useful. Especially the portion where we attempted to solve our problem encountered in actual projects.
Officer from MINDEF

The training is customized to the trainee's need & can be applied to work. The presentation is clear with good examples.
Officer from MINDEF

It is helpful and will be useful to our day to day job activity. Will surly recommend to our friends. (Year 2016)
Storage Engineer from Salesforce.com

Training with examples and explaining based on requirements helped get better understanding. Trainer was very knowledgeable and cater to the need of students. (Year 2016)
Senior Database Engineer from Salesforce.com

Thank you Mr. Soong for his patience and experience/expert sharing. His grasp of the subject knowledge gives me a better understanding of the language. Heard many good comments from colleagues about the course, finally get to meet Mr. Soong, the master of the Python course! (April 2016)
Senior Systems Engineer from Salesforce.com

Thank you for going the extra miles to research and provide a solution. (April 2016)
Database Engineer from Salesforce.com

Instructor is very knowledgeable, helpful and pace the course to our needs. Practical oriented training is good. (May 2016)
Storage Engineer from Salesforce.com

Release Engineer from Salesforce.com

Good course of  object oriented programming. Not much background needed to write the program. Very good and knowledgeable instructor, highly recommend.
Senior Engineer from Seagate Singapore International Headquarters Pte Ltd

Great course as always! Highly structured and well executed! Will definitely recommend to other colleagues and friends. The instructor compared the language to many others with ease.
Test Verification Engineer from Xilinx

Fantastic course! The course is helpful and equipping us with skills to tackle the problems in our daily job.
Senior Engineer from KLA-Tencor

The course was really helpful to understand the most basic which are essential for any developer!
System Developer from DOCOMO intertouch Pte Ltd

Thank you for the clear presentation and well organised materials.
Engineer from KLA-Tencor