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What is it ?

Radix Linux is a distribution that is created by Radix Systems using the source code make publicly available by Red Hat. It is therefore NOT supported or maintained by Red Hat. In summary, it is a clone distribution built using Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code. It is freely distributed. You are permitted to install it on as many systems as you like. Updates will be maintained as long Red Hat continues make their source code available.

Is it any good ?

Radix Linux has been in active use since Apr 2004. We use it in our Linux training classes, our office systems and production servers that we implement. We use it and support it on a daily basis.

Why is it free ?

Radix Linux is our contribution to the Free Software movement. Companies can use it as an alternative to the commercial option if software cost is a key factor.

What do Radix Systems gain from it ?

Radix Systems provide linux services and training. Radix Linux is used extensively for these two activities. Radix Linux is a showcase of our technical capabilities. It also forms a base for further customisation for customers requiring a specialised distribution. We will also offer advanced software support and automated system update services. We can also provide services to customers who wants to kept their RHEL systems running after their support subscription expires.

What is the catch ?

There is no free support or expressed warranty. Please contact us for paid support services

How to get it ?

For the Bittorrent files, you need a Bittorrent client (www.bittorrent.com) to download the iso images.

Radix Linux 3.0

Radix Linux 4.0

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